Saturday, January 26, 2008

RSS Feeds and Children's Lit

Parents and educators alike are always looking for that next great piece of Children’s Literature to help foster our kids’ love of reading. Not to mention, these books are fun to read regardless of age! That’s why I’m so pleased to have found many wonderful blogs dedicated to Children’s Literature. In fact, the popularity of these blogs has even garnered the creation of a new book award, the Cybils, that is specifically devoted to Children’s and YA literature being recognized by bloggers.

There is a veritable treasure trove of Children Lit Blogs, many of which are maintained by teachers or librarians who are very passionate (and in my opinion, knowledgeable) about this topic. I chose to include three of my favorite blogs (Just One More Book!!!, A Year of Reading, and Read, Read, Read) in my RSS feed because they are fun, informative, and updated on a regular basis. This world of Children’s Literature is a big one and these blogs make it easier to stay updated on some great reads. Plus, the RSS feed keeps the information organized and updated with the single click of the mouse.

Although the topic I chose for my RSS feed might be geared more towards parents and educators, I certainly believe that RSS has a place for student use as well. Students who are posting work on blogs can stay current with peers who are doing the same. It is so much more convenient than flipping through 20 different blogs checking for new content. Similarly, students can use the same type of RSS widget on their own blogs to keep up to speed on topics that pertain to what they are blogging about. It just one more way to get students reading and thinking about other bloggers’ thoughts and ideas.

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Megan Germano said...

WOW! Thanks for adding me to your list of blogs, I am in very good company with those blogs you listed. I just noticed this on Technorati and I thought I would drop you a note.
Megan Germano
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